Welcome to OKRs Coach Network

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What Is the OKRs Coach Network?

The mission of the network is to enable OKRs coaches to connect and exchange best practices in order to develop OKRs coaching skills that improve alignment, focus, engagement, communication and learning in the global workplace.

Who Should Join?

We created this network primarily with external OKRs coaches in mind. External coaches provide OKRs coaching services to their clients. Internal OKRs coaches are also welcome to join the network, as it’s a great resource for you to support your organization’s OKRs program.

Why Join the OKRs Network Now?

Network members connect with other OKRs coaches on our discussion board and participate in exclusive live events with leading experts from around the world. As a member, you get access to:

  • Sample OKRs coaching proposal
  • Sample OKRs training deck
  • Sample OKRs drafting worksheets
  • Sample roles checklist
  • Sample OKRs tracker worksheet
  • Recordings of prior events